The maker's mark

Our story, our seal of approval; provenance and purpose together. A symbol of effort.

1. We're redheads

In a sense, our branding was done for us. Coded into our DNA. The studio name started with a joke, two ‘copper heads’ in business together. That sense of humour (and the red hair) has never left us. We take our work, not ourselves, seriously. Play is an essential ingredient in our work.

2. What makes copper

The element Copper is created in the cosmic furnace – in the heart of the biggest stars in the universe. To us it represents the fundamental beauty of existence, the raw materials we begin with when designing. It also represents our grounded practice and desire to create objects of lasting function and beauty.

3. We're explorers

We are journeymen, aware of the endless change around us. The incredible diversity of nature - the infinite possibilities - and its embodiment in the work of designers and thinkers who have come before us. We feel a responsibility to set our own path, and follow our own stars. To push the boundaries of what is possible with technology and materials. To be thoughtful and responsive in our work.

4. A whole of two halves

The creative dynamic between principals Ed and Vik defines our character. Two aesthetics, two personalities. Minimalism and elegant geometry, expansive vision and fastidious detail present in equal measure. Balance.